It’s Always Sunny in Chicago: Sunroom Edition

Spring time is here in Chicago, bringing the moderate temperatures we love. So that means as soon as it hits forty-five outside, we’re in our shorts, breaking out the backyard grill, and inviting the neighbors over for a barbque. Nine months cooped up inside is enough to drive us crazy! But Chicago weather is unpredictable: sunny and warm one minute, and cold with pounding rain the next, which leaves us longing for more time to enjoy the outdoors.


However, what if you could:

  • Create an extension of your home that combines the best of the outdoors with protection from the elements?
  • A space that can transport you to another destination while enhancing your home and yard’s natural beauty?
  • Have a space to escape to a climate that you can enjoy year-round?


The good news is that you are able to get the best of all of these ideas with a custom sunroom addition. A sunroom has the ability to not only add more usable space to your home for work or play, but it can protect you from the elements, and provides a well-lit escape to enjoy your outdoor space.


A sunroom addition can be used for many things, and decorated in a variety of ways. Here are some great decorating ideas if you’re considering a new sunroom:


Got a Pool? Use your sunroom as a “Florida room” overlooking your pool. Let your family have a place to relax from the hot sun while fresh out of the pool. Go all-out with Florida-style skylights, tiled floors, a ceiling fan, wicker furniture, and lots of palm prints. Be sure to include a corner bar or drink station and a sliding entrance to your pool deck.


Dreaming of the Mountains? Create a private cozy cabin escape in your new sunroom which can be used year-round. Create a fireplace hearth complete with an electric fireplace. Add some cozy corduroy or velvet-feel couches and armchair, a plaid throw blanket, solid wood tables and pictures of mountain wildlife for interior accents.  What a great place to enjoy the natural sunlight and your trees while reading a book!


A Home office. Ok – not the most exotic, but it is the most practical. Remove yourself from everyday distractions when you enter your sunroom and close the door to the house. Place your desk so it faces outside overlooking your beautiful backyard and surround yourself with the sounds of nature while you work from the best spot in the whole house. Add in a sleeper sofa and television and you now have an extra room for guests (or your kids’ sleepover parties!)


With Rusco’s preferred vendor, Oasis Sunrooms, you can explore the wonderful benefits of having a sunroom along with premium add-on options such as cathedral or studio models, skylights, swing doors, insulated glass, tilt-in windows, custom trim, and secure locking systems. Imagine the possibilities!


Contact Rusco today about maximizing your outdoor space with a sunroom addition! Our specialists can help you decide on the best model so that you can fully enjoy our Chicago weather year-round!


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