Alternative Decking Maintenance

Congratulations You have joined hundreds of other Chicagoland homeowners by installing alternative decking with Rusco! You are now allowed to fully enjoy your outdoor living area and not be a slave to the tedious annual maintenance that traditional wood decking requires.


Yearly maintenance for your old wood deck used to mean lots of preparation, time and money wasted to keep your wood deck clean which consisted mainly of:


  • Researching and paying for cleaning solution, wood stain, and application accessories;
  • Praying for several days, or even weekends, of rain-free days;
  • Inspecting and repairing any splits, cracks, or loose screws;
  • Scrubbing away mold or mildew with cleaning solution or power-wash;
  • Allowing for drying time;
  • Applying stain;
  • And allowing even more drying time.


However, you will not have to worry about all of this previous time and hassle as our alternative decking is extremely low maintenance. Composite decking is a mixture of real wood fiber and plastic, therefore it is environmentally friendly. Vinyl decking is made of durable, water-resistant plastic so it weather resistant and very resilient.


With either of our low maintenance alternative decking products, any dirt or mildew that has acquired over time needs only to be mopped or sprayed away with a gentle detergent, as needed. Power washing should only be used with excessive grime and on a gentle fan setting.


With your new alternative decking by Rusco, your summertime maintenance schedule has just been considerably shortened so that you can spend more of your precious time enjoying your beautiful outdoor deck. Call Rusco for any of your exterior home remodeling and maintenance needs.

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