All About the Bay Window

When you are choosing your next home improvement project, new windows are often give the biggest “bang” for your buck. Not only can a new window give your home’s interior space more exposure to natural light, the window will add to your home’s exterior curb appeal and design. If you know you want a new window, the next step is to know what type of window would meet your needs.

At Rusco, our design team has been walking clients through custom window decisions for more than 81 years. Always at the top of the popular window selection list, the bay window offers architectural intrigue to the inside and the outside of the home.

What is a bay window?
A bay window is three windows attached in an arc formation. The arc juts out from the home, giving the interior space room for a reading nook or shelf space.  We always recommend that the homeowner is sure that there is a few feet of space on the exterior of the home for the bay window to fit. If there is, the homeowner can continue making a few crucial design decisions.

Bay windows always include a large picture window as the center of the design. This window does not open. However, the two side windows can be either double hung or casement, depending on the homeowner’s preferences. We can customize the design and size of a bay window combination as well, making it flow seamlessly into your home’s exterior design, even if you are adding it as a brand new element to the home.

What are the benefits of a bay window?
Homeowners love bay windows for a variety of reasons, including the extra space it offers on the inside of the home. Having the window seat area can make an otherwise tight living space feel palatial. Beyond the beautiful design elements, our bay windows always use energy efficient glass. This means you can count on our windows being the best barrier to hot temperatures as well as blustering winter winds.

Are you ready to invest in a bay window for your home? We would love to walk you through the process – design to installation. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to begin your home improvement process.

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