9 Steps to Revitalizing Your Windowsill and Trim

While Pella, Marvin, Thermal and Polaris windows may seem to last forever, what certainly doesn’t is your windowsill and trim. Whether it be watermarks or just the natural wear and tear of the sun, the paint of a window’s trim and sill will often begin to fall apart way before the actual window does. That’s why we here at Rusco have put together a little step-by-step on how to re-do your windowsill and trim.

Re-doing Your Windowsill and Trim

  1. Drop Cloth. Place a drop cloth on your windowsill and beneath your windows. This will catch any of the mess from scraping away dirt and paint so you won’t have to deal with it later.
  2. Scrape Away. Use a painter’s tool, or some sort of scraper, to scrape away as much of the old paint as you possibly can.
  3. Spackle. If there are any holes in the trim or windowsill, it is important you fill these with spackle. Not filling the holes will result in paint cracking and flaking later on.
  4. Sanding. Sand the windowsill and trim until they are smooth. This should get rid of any paint that would not scrape off ahead of time.
  5. Sponge. Get a sponge, preferably one with a coarse back, and thoroughly clean the trim and windowsill. Leaving dirt and gunk on the windowsill and trim will cause problems later on when your paint is trying to dry.
  6. Tape. Use painters tape to tape around the edges of the trim and windowsill. Using tape should prevent any unwanted paint bleeding, smudges, or marks.
  7. Prime and Paint. Use an angle brush to prime your windowsill and trim. An angle brush makes it easier to get into the tiny cracks and nooks that may naturally be in the wood. After letting the primer dry, paint your windowsill and trim.
  8. Tape 2. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape. So long as you’re finished painting and the paint is dry then you won’t have to worry about smudges or bleedings.
  9. Enjoy! With the tape done and the paint dry, it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy your new windowsill and trim!

While windows tend to last, a window’s sill and trim go quick! To keep your home looking fresh and up-to-date, it’s important to redo your windowsill and window trim when they need it. And when it comes time to actually choosing your windows, use family company you can trust. Rusco has been serving the western suburbs of Chicago since 1937. 

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