6 Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Home

Natural light is warmer and brighter than artificial light. It also affects the body and mind differently, lifting your mood and brightening your outlook. Naturally, you want as much natural light in your home as possible. Let’s talk about several ways to do that while still maintaining your energy efficiency.


One simple, inexpensive way to add more light to your home is to use mirrors. Hanging them on walls opposite windows amplifies the amount of illumination in your space without the need to install skylights, light fixtures, or do any serious renovation work. You can also add style to your space with the right mirror, allowing this to double as both a light source and an aesthetic touch.


Reflective surfaces in your space can help amplify light, but glass does a great job of capturing and transmitting light around a room. You can do this in a wide range of ways, from using vases to glass sculptures and everything in between. Position the glass where sunlight will strike it and watch how it spreads the light around.


One interesting tip to increase natural light in your indoor space is to cover up your windows a little. We’re talking about sheets – translucent, white curtains that usually hang inside thicker curtains. Sheers diffuse light, creating a glow that spreads evenly throughout your space.

Open Those Curtains

If you regularly keep your curtains or blinds closed, open them up. You don’t have to open them fully – even halfway can make a dramatic difference in the amount of light allowed into your home. Of course, you’ll need to consider the amount of heat you let in, too, particularly if you live in the South where summertime temps may mean needing to watch how long you leave your curtains open.

Sun Tunnels and Skylights

Want more natural light? Sun tunnels and skylights give you many options. Sun tunnels allow you to direct sunlight from your roof to almost any space in the home, while skylights can add beauty and light to any space. 

New Windows

Finally, if your windows are aging and ready for replacement, new windows can help you bring in more natural light. With a trusted installer, you can explore a wide range of styles and designs that help you add beauty to your home, while also illuminating the interior. Contact Rusco Windows and Doors to learn more!

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