6 Tips for The Cleanest Windows

Cleaning your windows doesn’t have to be a hassle. Use the 6 tips listed below and before you know it you’ll clean and serene windows that will bring to life and energy to your home.

Supplies. Believe it  or not you don’t need expensive window cleaners. The only supplies you’ll need will be a squeegee, and old towel, dish detergent, a spray bottle, a vacuum cleaner, paper towels, and microfiber cloths.

Cloudy Day. Make sure to choose a cloudy day to clean your windows. Sunlight makes the windows dry too quickly and can leave streaks. The best cleaning solution is warm water and a couple drops of dish soap. High grade dish soap helps cut the grease and grime that builds up on windows.

Outside of Window. Open up your windows and take out any screens or storm windows. Place the storm window on an old towel and spray it with the solution before wiping it down with a microfiber cloth. After washing, be sure to squeegee the window.

Inside of Window. Use the same process on the inside of your window. Your window sill will likely have some dirt buildup. You’ll want to spray down the sill and wash with the microfiber cloth. Wipe dry with paper towels.

Screen Clean. Lay the window screen down on the carpet and vacuum over it a few times to clean out any dirt and dust. Alternatively, you can lay the screen outside, hose it down, and let it air dry.

Drying. Allow ample time for the screen, windows, and storm windows to dry off. When dry, replace the screen and storm windows.
A good cleaning can bring new life and energy to your home. If you’re considering replacing your windows check out our inventory from Pella, Marvin, Thermal and Polaris. Rusco offers a vast array of options when choosing new windows from your home and we’re always here to accompany all of your window shopping needs.

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