5 Reasons to Choose a Storm Door

Storm doors are a protective feature that many homes have. Whether yours is outdated or you simply don’t have one in your home at the moment, it might be time to consider a new storm door. As the name implies, these doors can protect from the elements and harsh weather conditions, but they also offer several other perks. Here are five reasons to choose a storm door (or doors!) for your home.

1.    Enjoy the View without the Bugs

A storm door allows you to see outside and let natural light into your home while still keeping bugs and other nuisances out of your home. Storm doors can even protect from dust and debris if they are solid and don’t have an optional screen feature. Some doors include glass and screens so that you can alternate depending on the season. In any case, fewer bugs will get into your home with a storm door.

2.    Have the Option for Airflow

Storm doors allow you to choose when and how to ventilate your home. As mentioned, you can find doors with optional screens or sliding screens and solid window panels, depending on the door styles that you consider. Proper ventilation and airflow are not just about comfort—it’s essential to your well-being and having the right doors to provide that is going to change the way that you think about letting air circulate in the home.

3.    Extra Security

A storm door is also an extra layer of security against potential thieves and intruders when properly installed and locked. You can even install a storm door with grilles or bars for enhanced protection.

4.    Increased Energy Efficiency

A storm door will increase the comfort of your home and its energy efficiency. It does this by acting as a barrier against drafts and extreme outdoor temperatures, helping to keep the home more temperate and causing less need for heating or cooling systems.

5.    Preserves Your Exterior Door

Storm doors are installed on the outside of your home’s main exterior door. They are usually made of glass, aluminum, and other materials that are specifically engineered to stand up to the elements and provide all of the perks discussed above, but they will also protect the doors of your home and allow you to enjoy less maintenance and fewer repairs over the years. Your exterior doors may last much longer with a storm door than without.

These are just a few of the best reasons to consider investing in a storm door. Talk to Rusco Windows and Doors to discuss installing new storm doors on your home.

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