4 Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows make a home appear elegant from the outside and spacious from within. Relics from the Victorian Era, bay windows are commonly seen in home architecture today. They project outward from the home and usually contain two operational windows and a fixed window in the middle. The deep sill area can be used for decorative purposes like plants, ornaments, or displays.


Benefits of Bay Windows


Value Added. Not only do bay windows add aesthetic appeal but they add square footage within the house which in turn boosts market value.


Natural Light. Bay windows provide a panoramic view which lets in more natural light from different directions.


Versatility. Bay windows are often found on old Victorian homes but the style is becoming much more prevalent in modern homes. They can be installed in any room of the house and they provide a small reading nook or banquet seating.


Ventilation. Because bay windows have two operational windows on the sides it allows for great airflow. Cool breezes can enter from two different directions while pulling heat out of the house.
Bay windows are a great addition to any home – classic or modern. If you are considering new windows from your home be sure to check out  the selection of Pella, Thermal, Marvin and Polaris windows. Rusco is able to help with all of your window shopping needs.

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