3 Reasons to Replace Those Old Basement Windows

Basements don’t have to be dark dungeons. In fact, a finished basement can be one of the most desired rooms of the house. It’s secluded with abundant open areas. Basement windows let in natural light and can make it feel like any other room in the house. Unfortunately, basement windows are often neglected because they’re rarely opened or cleaned. Window Buyers Guide has provided a few problems that old basement windows often encounter.

Problems with Basement Windows

Water Leakage. It’s not uncommon to see stained walls in a basement. How does this happen? Leakage. Improperly sealed basement windows leak water to the inside and result in stained walls which can be an extremely unpleasant sight.

Rot and Rust. Rusted and rotted windows look horrible and function just the same. Basement windows are often exposed to much more moisture than other windows of the house. Because of their low proximity to the ground where water often collects, wooden window frames rot and steel window frames rust.

Wasted Energy. Basement windows typically aren’t energy efficient. Most basement windows are usually a single pane of glass which allows air leaks around the window frame.

Basement windows from Pella, Marvin, Thermal, and Polaris are all designed in ways to combat the issues described above. There are reliable options such as the popular vinyl window or higher end windows that include acrylic window blocks for decoration and privacy. Rusco is here to accompany all of your window shopping needs.

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