2020 Home Trends

Now that the busy holiday season is winding down to a close, you may have more time to daydream about future home improvement projects throughout your house. There are plenty of trends that are sure to hit homes around you in the next year, and some may inspire you to replicate them while other trends may inspire you to create something unique to your style. No matter how you choose to use them, here are a few trends we are watching for 2020.

Bold Monochromatic Colors

Stylists are reporting that bold monochromatic color schemes are hot for 2020. However, you don’t have to paint an entire room bold blue and then load in matching furniture to replicate this look in your home. Instead, consider bringing your bold color choice outside to your front door. You can layer the look by choosing matching chairs in the same bold color to sit on your patio.

Warm Natural Light

While industrial design was trendy for the past 5-10 years, designers are moving toward a more warm and cozy approach. You can replicate this in your home by using a custom window in a unique shape to bring in more natural light into your living room, kitchen, hall, or bedroom.

Fun and Unique Bathroom Design

If you are looking for a place to experiment with pattern, color, and other design elements, try the bathroom. 2020 is the year for making bathrooms a bit more exciting, and trying a new approach to your personal style can feel more doable in a smaller room, like a bathroom or powder room. To bring an extra punch to your bathroom or powder room space, don’t forget to add a custom window or sky tunnel to add natural light.

Interesting Shapes

2020 is a year of adding intentional and interesting shapes throughout the home. You can add unique shapes with artwork on the walls, items on your bookcase, or even a custom window. Get creative and discover where you can add a custom window to your space that will add to the design plan without being too trendy to be in style in a few years. 

Custom windows and doors at Rusco are always timeless and classic, built to withstand daily use and the yearly design trends. Call our team today to talk about your next project.

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